Spires of Silver

  • Massive asteroid orbiting Sapphire on which an amazing city of gleaming silver metal and unbreakable glass has been built.
  • Major trading and shipping hub for Sphere of Gems.
  • Ruled by the Prince of the Spire, a merchant-prince.
    • He is advised by the Council of Eight, a council of eight advisors who are given not only the task of acting as his viziers, but also given one of the opulent Inner Circle towers that surrounds the Spires of the Princes, and charged with helping to defend the Spires in a time of violence.
  • Originally built by eladrin.
    • There is some conflict between the Elder Empire and the Spires. The Elder Empire claims that it was eladrin of their Empire who originally built the station. The Prince of the Spires points out that it was unclaimed when his ancestors found it and set up shop, turning it into a major trading hub. This isn’t active, though – it is simply a bubbling resentment, as the Elder Empire recognizes the work of the Princes of the Spire.
  • There is a dwarven clanhold built into one portion of the bedrock of the place. It serves as the hiring and launching point for numerous dwarven expeditions to Garnet.
  • Major slave trade area, with regular slave auction “festivals” in which slavers from all over come to sell their wares, and those who are seeking slaves may purchase them.
    • The drow of Obsidian are a major supplier of slaves to these festivals, with their specially-bred lines of slaves.
    • Mind flayers are occasionally know to show up to these events, looking for cheap livestock.
  • Also home to the finest shipyard in the Sphere of Gems, the Silver Sailworks, owned by the Stalwart & Infinitely Industrious Jammerwright Xotil Urfanlimothril, one of the Arcane.

The Spires

With the exception of the Spires of the Princes, all the spires of this wayport are built uniformly: tall towers that rise a dozen stories in the air, and drop another dozen stories beneath the surface, with the last three sub-levels projecting out below the bottom of the wayport’s rock foundation, providing unparalleled views of Sapphire below. Each of the major towers has four smaller towers clinging to its sides, containing spiraling stairwells.
They are all crafted of a beautiful white marble and unbreakable glass that gleam in the sunlight. At night, tiny glass spheres light up all up and down the length of these towers, almost as though there were stars trapped within them. The spires are all carved with the seasonal themes so favored by the eladrin, appropriate to those quarters.

  • Street Level: At street level, they are basically passage-throughs, with large, yawning arches of incredible beauty and decoration permitting people to pass directly beneath the spire. The stair-towers have doors to the streets here, as well. In most spires, these doors are kept locked and even sometimes guarded. In others (usually those of mercantile bent) their inhabitants have turned them into areas for receiving the public, with a counter and service person to assist them.
  • Upper Levels: There are twelve stories above the street level, each one the very height of opulence and grandeur, with massive glass windows. Most of these floors are subdivided into a variety of rooms, although the top three floors are entirely open, without interior walls.
  • The Minarets: The roof of the spires are capped with impressive, arching minarets. These areas have a broad walk-around balcony, including archways clearly intended to allow someone to step out into a flying vehicle of some sort.
  • Lower Levels: There are also another twelve stories below the street level, each one just as opulent as those above them. These are closed off portions of the household, with plenty of doors, used for privacy and security. Most of these floors are subdivided into a variety of rooms as well. The bottom three floors are the exception, being wide-open areas that project out of the bottom of the great stone base of the Spires, facing the world of Sapphire below. As such, they have massive windows.
  • The Sapphire Chamber: The very bottom floor of the lower levels feature a massive floor crafted of glass permitting a view of the world of Sapphire below. The Sapphire Chambers also feature doors permitting exit into the Flow between the Spires and Sapphire below. One of the benefits of possession of one of the Spires is the permission to both moor a ship to the Sapphire Chamber, and to use that chamber as a means of entry and exit from the Spires.


  • Spires of the Princes & The Inner Circle (A): The center of the Spires is made up of the nine Spires of the Princes, dedicated to the Prince’s household and the functions of the Spires as a city, and the Inner Circle, the eight Spires that are the holdings of the Prince’s Council of Eight.
  • The Greensward: Series of green parks completely surrounding the Inner Circle, helping to keep the city’s rich and influential somewhat separated from the rest of the city, and keeping the Spires’ air fresh and clean. The Greensward has gates that can be shut to close off the center of the Spires from road traffic.
  • The Solstice and Equinox Roads (B): These four gleaming roads, which run the axes of the Spires’ surface, are crafted of strange glass that reflects back golden sunlight in the middle of the day, and a silvery moonlight at night. They seem impervious to all harm and damage.
  • The Spring Quarter ©: Made up almost entirely of the Merchant’s Quarter, the Spring Quarter is where the hustle and bustle of the Spires’ mercantile business happens, generally speaking. With only one exception, the Spires here are owned by wealthy merchant-princes and successful guilds.
  • The Summer Quarter (D): The Summer Quarter is dominated by the Elven Spires, a neighborhood centered around the Elder Empire Embassy. This quarter has its own docks (managed by the Embassy and the Prince jointly), and its dwellings and businesses adhere to the elven aesthetic moreso than anywhere else, with plenty of green growth.
  • The Autumn Quarter (E): A sort of defacto craftsman’s district, the Autumn Quarter is dominated by the dwarven clanholds. A pall of smoky air hangs over this district, testament to the various smithies, mills, foundries and other places of industry here. In addition to the craftsmen of the quarter, the Autumn Quarter is also notorious for housing several mercenary companies, most of whom specialize in providing marines for outbound ships in need of protection.
  • The Winter Quarter (F): Home to perhaps the weirdest variety of residents in the Spires, the Winter Quarter is home to the Collegium and the Silver Shipyards. In many ways, Winter Quarter is where most visitors to the Spires end up at, featuring a large number of festhalls, inns and taverns as it does. Indeed, two of its Spires are owned by veritable princes of such proprietors, who do an amazing business for those that can afford it.

Spires of Silver

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