Sphere of Gems

This sphere is a small sphere whose worlds all possess a fascinating trait: their phlogistion pockets all gleam and shimmer like precious stones suspended in the sky. Thus, their worlds are all named after the gems they most readily resemble by the ’jammers who come to this system. Even the sun of the system – called Adamantis – resembles a diamond of nearly infinite facets when not viewed through a worldly phlogiston.

Worlds of Gemsphere

Inner Worlds

  • Adamantis: The sun of Gemsphere, Adamantis gleams in the center of the sphere like a diamond of a thousand-thousand facets. Flow: None
  • Garnet: A world of fire and volcanic stone. Quite a few clans of dwarves have built mining colonies here, despite the difficult work conditions, in order to make their fortunes. The sight of Pearl Shipping Cartel ships is common here, ferrying the precious minerals they acquire to the dwarven clanhold in the Spires of Silver. Flow: String of Pearls, Sapphire
  • String of Pearls: A belt of beautiful, icy asteroids, rich in minerals and ice. It is also a dangerous place, haunted by the spirits of those who’ve died trying to navigate it, as well as the pirates that make their lairs in some of the larger rocks. It is not uncommon to find prospectors dodging the undead and pirates here, seeking the mother-lode that will make them rich. Flow: Garnet, Sapphire
    • Sundark Minehold: One of the larger mining operations in the String of Pearls, run by the Sundark Mining Consortium.
  • Opal: The heroes’ homeworld, a world with a Sealed Flow and numerous groundling civilizations.
    • Sylveri is the moon that orbits Opal.

Middle Worlds

  • Sapphire: A world covered entirely by water. It is half-covered with continents of mostly-shallow water, ranging between three and twelve feet in depth. Many aquatic races are known to dwell here, though most of them are quite savage. The surface of Sapphire is a popular stopping-off point for its black-water wells, deep slowly whirling pools of fresh, dark water in the midst of all the salt water. Flow: Garnet, String of Pearls, Obsidian
    • Spires of Silver is a fantastic trading outpost long-ago built by eladrin, but now a sort of ’jamming crossroads in orbit around Sapphire.
    • Sorgreth is a moon orbiting Sapphire. There are a variety of farms there, run by a feudal nobility, serving as the breadbasket of the Sphere of Gems.
  • Bloodstone: A verdant, rich green world. Like Opal, the world of Bloodstone still has a sealed phlogiston. Flow: Sealed.

Outer Worlds

  • Obsidian: A dark world far from the sun that has a very thin phlogiston on the surface, but the air richens as one enters subterranean areas. Dominated by the Aenaris Imperium, a world-spanning drow empire that has a small ’jamming fleet. Nonetheless, they forbid spelljammers from entering the world itself, instead directing them to one of their three moons, Ulambaris. Flow: Spires of Silver
    • Ulambaris is a moon totally devoid of air on its surface. It is entered through Ulambaris Spire, an extinct volcano used for passage from the sky into the subterranean port city below, home to pirates, slavers and other unpleasant folk.
    • Aristranix is the smallest moon, and the one that is the headquarters of the Aenaris Fleet.
    • Lolth’arixna is a moon that is considered holy to the temple of Lolth in the Aenaris empire, and strictly off-limits to non-drow. Drow are known venture here on pilgrimage, though even they are met by one of the temple-ships of the Aenaris Fleet, and escorted to the moon’s surface.


  • Rusanis (Star-Jade): The star Rusanis is heavily guarded by the Elder Fleet, for Rusanis leads directly to Elerinna (Star-Crowned), one of the spheres of the Elder Empire. Knowing that the drow dwell on the outer edges of the Sphere of Gems puts the Armada in a deeply cautious stance. They do not interfere with the rest of the sphere, however – they have priorities, and any additional projects might reduce the numbers guarding the Rusanis Outpost, a mighty battlestation in a position to send Elder Fleet vessels to intercept any approaching spelljammers.
  • Stavicordia (Star-Ruby): Leads to Blacksail, a wild and ungoverned trade-lane sphere infamous for providing quick transport between Spheres…and for pirates aplenty.
  • Amastara (Star-Topaz): The star Amastara leads to Athear Valignatha, one of the spheres of the Ulmaris Imperium. The star on the other side is well-patrolled by Ulmaris military vessels and a newly-constructed star-station where all incoming traffic is routed through and carefully examined by the dragonborn priesthood there.
  • Orukalil (Star-Amber): Leads to Rudros, a Sphere of densely-packed Earth worlds whose native population is made up of only dwarves.

Sphere of Gems

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