The world of Opal is a Sealed Flow world (or was, until the Stone of Eyes ripped through its Flow) has three main continents, and several small island chains.


The continent of Ultaris is a large landmass, on par with the other continent, Rovhia. Where Rovhia is dominated by sweltering jungles and desert climes, Ultaris is temperate, edging into arctic at its northern edges.

Kingdom of Culthrain
Culthrain details

A kingdom known for its proximity to the ruins of a long-fallen empire, as well as a major trading nexus for many nations, including a nearby dwarven thanedom and an elven foresthold.

  • Culthrain, the capital city of the Kingdom.
  • Blackwall, on the eastern edges of the kingdom, a place built in the ruins of a long-fallen city, of which the massive walls of black obsidian that surround the city are the only things that remain.
  • The Crechelands, several days worth of farming settlements and market towns.
  • Trindam’s Pass, an old ruined pass-city destroyed by undead a generation ago.
  • Bhar Kharul, an allied dwarven Thanedom, ruled by Clan Stoneforge.
  • Silmishaia, a neutral elven and eladrin kingdom, currently at war with some kind of unknown forces laying siege to it from the east.
  • The Old Kingdom, an ancient, long-fallen empire.


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