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Overview of the Campaign

Non-Player Characters

  • The Sagacious and Starwise Worldsage Master Uram Erixinlanthu: Arcane master of the Dirk of Stars and famous astrographer and world-sage.
  • Beldiss Amvorus: lizardfolk marine aboard the Dirk of Stars
  • Kromul Irontooth: dwarven ship’s carpenter aboard the Dirk of Stars
  • Taela Erithian: human navigator, secondary spelljammer pilot and priestess of Bihali, aboard the Dirk of Stars


  • Lady Andaria Eliskar: Noblewoman who sent the heroes to seek the Temple of Stars. She betrayed them after they found it, and they defeated her and left her behind in the tunnels beneath Blackwall. She was murdered by Adora, who sent her tiger back to tear out the bound woman’s throat once the rest of the company left.
  • Winternight: An eladrin prophetess of Sehanine who died during the Cataclysm of Eyes in Blackwall.

The Known Spheres

The Inner Spheres

Considered to be the center of spelljamming culture, these spheres are home to cultures whose borders span entire worlds and swathes of space, rather than simple worldbound borders.

The Outer Spheres

The Outer Spheres are a term for spheres considered frontiers by the rest of spelljamming civilization in general. Many of them are rich in wealth and raw magical power, with groundling cultures that have focused their magic in directions other than spelljamming. They also have very little in the way of proper law enforcement, making them a natural lure for pirates and other unsavory sorts.

  • The Sphere of Gems: A sphere known for its natural beauty and rich mineral resources, the Sphere of Gems has a single major spelljamming port, and two planets with closed Flows.
    • Important Locations: Opal, homeworld of the heroes; String of Pearls, a band of asteroids; Spires of Silver, an orbital spelljamming port above the world of Sapphire.
  • Rudros: A sphere densely packed with Earth bodies and heavy asteroid activity, most wise captains avoid travel through this sphere. Constant encounters with bodies of stone heavy enough to force a ship out of spelljamming speed makes travel twice as long as normal in the outer edges of the sphere, or three times the normal length closer to its dim orange sun. There are several dwarven homeworlds here, some of which are on the verge of expanding into truly spacefaring nations, though for the moment the denizens of wildspace are individual clans, mining companies and the traders drawn to this sphere’s wealth.

Culture of Wildspace

  • Bihali: A goddess of stars and wildspace travel, Bihali is depicted as a dancing four-armed, veiled Arcane. Unaligned

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