Dirk of Stars

The Dirk of Stars is a Hummingbird-class spelljammer. Though it normally is used for short journeys only, the Dirk of Stars is something special. It is the vessel of the Sagacious and Starwise World-Sage Uram Erixinlanthul, who studies the astrography of wildspace.

An Arcane of fairly typical temperament, Uram’s special abilities as an Arcane, paired with a smattering of ritual magic above and beyond that of his brethren enables him to take the long journeys in the Flow that allow him to maintain his star-charts (and then sell that information to astrographers in the ports he visits).


  • The Sagacious and Starwise Worldsage Master Uram Erixinlanthu: Arcane master of the Dirk of Stars and famous astrographer and world-sage.
  • Beldiss Amvorus: lizardfolk marine aboard the Dirk of Stars
  • Kromul Irontooth: dwarven ship’s carpenter aboard the Dirk of Stars
  • Taela Erithian: human navigator, secondary spelljammer pilot and priestess of Bihali, aboard the Dirk of Stars

Dirk of Stars

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