Called the Lady of Stars and The Wanderer, Bihali is a goddess unheard of in most groundling cultures. Attributed with the creation of the stars and the formation and connection of the spheres, she is the defacto goddess of spelljamming. Navigators and sailors often offer up prayers at her shrines before an extended trip. Her temples are also places where star-charts and astrolabes can be purchased, as her priesthood are the only ones the Arcane will sell their astrography lore to.

She is the only goddess worshipped by the Arcane. Indeed, she is depicted as a four-armed Arcane clad in midnight-black, form-hugging gowns, with a diaphanous veil, in the middle of a dance. Seven stars spiral around her, orbiting her, and she is also surrounded by a silvery mist, which represents the phlogiston, which her faithful say is her breath. Her symbol is a circle of seven stars, with a rising mist in the middle. Her commandments to her faithful are:

  • Always aid those who travel the stars. Sign aboard ships, distribute the lore and ways of spelljamming and travel among the stars to those who are ready for such.
  • Seek ye the ancient Spelljammer, the first of the spelljammers, which roams the stars. Learn its Mysteries where you can.
  • Protect those cultures that are not ready to seek their fortunes among the stars yet. When they begin to take their destiny among the stars, nurture them, teach them and aid them where you can.


  • Creation
  • Darkness
  • Light


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